Sony First Party “Unexpected” Announcement “A Bit Surprising But Ultimately Not A Big Deal”


Over the last few days, there have been rumors Sony might have been about to make a critical first-party announcement, even though we did know what to expect.

The rumor itself came from a pretty reliable source since we’re talking about analyst Daniel Ahmad who has shared a few news from PlayStation that turned to be true (like the re-reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake, to name one).

Anyway, it looks like it won’t be “a big deal” somehow, as shared by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier on ResetEra. According to Schreier, the rumor is ultimately true, but it’s not going to shock you a lot both on a positive and on a negative note. It looks like something negative, though.

“If what I’ve heard is true,” he said, “it’s a bit surprising but ultimately not a big deal. People will be disappointed for a few minutes and then get over it. Many people here have guessed it already. I’d be more specific if I had more details – I’ll see what I can get in between feedings.”

So, it would be something “disappointing,” but it’ll be news you’ll “get over” in “a few minutes.” It could be a delay for some game we’ve been waiting for a while but didn’t hear about in months, like Ghost of Tsushima? Could it become a PS5 exclusive title, or does that look too big not to be a “big deal”?

So many questions, and hopefully we’ll hear more from PlayStation in a few weeks, perhaps in an incoming State of Play broadcast.