Sony has renewed its trademark for Knack

Knack fans have been given the slightest spark of hope.

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment has submitted a new trademark for their cult following series, Knack. As discovered by Gematsu, the trademark was filed on March 27 under the “downloadable or installable home video game machine program and additional data” category.

Sony, likely, is just covering its bases by protecting all its current IP, but it naturally brings up the idea that the company could be working on the coveted Knack 3. Despite having relatively good reviews, Sony fans have playfully asked for a third entry in the past, so anything is possible.

Knack was a PlayStation 4 launch title, with its sequel Knack 2 releasing a few years later in 2017. Both games were directed by Mark Cerny, who is known for designing the PlayStation 5.

Japan Studio developed Knack, the studio behind many iconic titles like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Ape Escape, and most recently Gravity Rush, until the studio was shut down in February 2021. The staff there has since gone under a reorganization and is now a part of Team Asobi, who created the PlayStation 5 launch title Astro’s Playroom.

If Knack were to get a third chance, it is currently unknown what studio would take on its development. That being said, this news isn’t something that should be read into. Companies renew their IP trademarks all the time, and it is more than likely that this is a similar case.