Sony is adapting its popular PlayStation franchises into mobile games

It looks like Sony wants to take a bigger crack at mobile games.

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Image Via PlayStation

We might be getting some familiar PlayStation franchises on our mobile devices. According to a new job listing from Sony, the company is making a push to break through the mobile gaming world.

The job advertisement is for the Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios. The ad states that the job will task the employee with owning and developing the mobile strategy for PlayStation Studios. On top of that, it states: “You will be responsible for building and scaling a team of mobile leaders and will serve as the Head of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios.”

This isn’t the first time we would have seen Sony-owned property on mobile devices. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and Run SackBoy! Run! are available to play right now. However, there aren’t many other titles on mobile other than the aforementioned ones and playing games through the PS Remote Play app.

The ad hints that Sony would be making a much bigger push than what it has in the past and a roadmap would be planned for a three to five-year timeframe. So, does that mean we could be getting some more of the brand’s most popular franchises on mobile? That is certainly what the ad suggests.

Mobile gaming has a massive audience and has the opportunity to make a massive amount of profit. We have already seen what Pokémon Go can do. If Sony could replicate some of that success, we believe that the PlayStation team would be quite happy.