Sony Open To Release PlayStation Games On Other Platforms


At the end of this generation, or almost there, we’re witnessing a lot of acquisitions by big publishers and platform owners, most likely to prepare and face the challenges of what’s coming next in a continually growing business like gaming.

Every time we see a beloved studio acquired we always think that it’s going to be disappointing never to see it go multi-platform when it comes to its next releases, and the same is happening with now-Sony-owned Insomniac Games.

However, just as it has been happening for a while at Microsoft with the newest entries in the Xbox Game Studios family, there’s a chance Sony might change its approach going forward for what matters first-party teams and their titles.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden has discussed the idea of releasing PlayStation games on other platforms outside of the PS4 and PS5 in the future, surprisingly saying that the Japanese outlet is open to that.

“We must support the PlayStation platform — that is non-negotiable,” Layden said. “That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.”

Before jumping on the hype train about playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on Xbox and Nintendo consoles, we should point out that it’s likely that the exec is talking about multiplayer games, and that the platform that seems to be more approachable in that sense is the PC more than any other rival out there.

Anyway, it’s an exciting opening for a platform owner like Sony which has always been slightly jealous about its exclusive content, and one that has crafted its success throughout the entire generation of PS4 on this concept.