Sony Plans On Acquiring New Studios

We’ve been used lately to Microsoft acquiring more and more studios as it needed to expand its exclusive games offering.

However, it looks like Sony doesn’t want to wait on Microsoft to make its next move anymore since it has confirmed it’s planning on acquiring developers itself in the future.

As shared by Jim Ryan, boss of PlayStation, at the latest earnings call, in the future the Japanese platform owner will make its move, too.

There are two ways Sony intends to do so: the first is investing in first-party studios, which are 13 around the world (a great amount, and especially some of them are top quality).

The second is expanding, both “through organic growth” of the existing studios, allowing them to get bigger and look for second teams as it has happened with Guerrilla Games, or “acquisitions.”

This is not the first time we hear about PlayStation having plans to get bigger in regards to the number of studios it owns, but sure enough, it is the first time it gets officially mentioned.

On top of that, Sony also plans on creating titles with post-launch revenue streams, which mainly means multiplayer experiences. The reveal of Predator also goes in that direction, but that apparently won’t be limited to that alone.