Sony President Officially Reveals PlayStation 5 (And Release Date!)


PlayStation fans, it’s time to get excited for the release date for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Yes, you read that right, Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 is real and will be released during the holidays in 2020.

Jim Ryan, President and SEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, broke the news just today! This will be the beginning of waiting for the new console to come out and trust us; it will be a very long wait. We can be guaranteed future announcements of what the console will have to offer to help us cope with having to wait for another year.

Not much has been revealed about the console from Sony, however, and we don’t know what the console will look like until a special reveal event in April at an unknown location. We can also expect to get the launch price and actual release date, instead of a window, around this time.

We can tell that even the CEO/President is excited about this, though we cannot reveal too much right now. As a tease, Ryan has mentioned some information about the PlayStation 5’s new controller and its changes, such as replacing the rumble technology. This is a step up to give players an effective experience in-game like a realistic collision in a car and other situations such as swimming or running.

Ryan also revealed that the controllers will have adaptive triggers and will be incorporated in the L2 and R2 buttons. With these inputs, they will provide physical sensations from any physical activity, including sports and driving through various roads. With the rumble technology, this will ensure players to have realistic experiences in the games they’re playing as if they’re in it themselves.

So, PlayStation fans, how will you celebrate with this exciting announcement?