Sony Is Getting “A Lot of Pressure” On Cross-Play, Dev Says


CEO of nWay Taehoon Kim said in a recent panel that Sony is getting “a lot of pressure” to make cross-play work on PS4.

As you might remember, at least officially, the platform owner has opened up to the functionality, but there’s still something going on.

“Right now it’s not fully there, because one of the biggest platforms out there, Sony, still isn’t fully opening up,” said Kim.

“They’ve made some exceptions with a handful of games like Fortnite and Rocket League, but they’ve said they have to judge whether they can allow through other games or not. They’re getting a lot of pressure to open up.”

But why is it so important to support cross-play? Here’s a good example.

“People want to play with their friends, and not all of your friends are going to be on the exact same platform as you are. Being able to do that is great. Also, families like to play together.

One thing we’ve seen with games like Vainglory and Fortnite is that a whole family may want to play together, but nobody owns four PlayStations. Dad’s going to play on the iPad, one kid is on the PS4, another kid is on his phone. That kind of gameplay is only possible through crossplay.”

Hopefully, this kind of experience will become more and more common along the road in the future.