Sony reportedly planning Xbox Game Pass style service

Subscription services are taking over the world.

Image via Sony

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Xbox Game Pass has been successful since its June 2017 launch, eventually introducing the higher-tier Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s been one advantage Microsoft has held over Sony, limiting the entry barrier to gaming for those that can’t purchase multiple games a year at full retail price. According to a Bloomberg report, a very similar service may be coming to PlayStation in the near future.

Code-named Spartacus, the service reportedly merges PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one subscription, letting users pay monthly for access to a varying degree of older and modern titles beginning this spring. It is believed that the service will roll out across both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The sources that spoke to Bloomberg also disclosed the concept of turning it into a three-tiered service. On the low-end, the basic tier offers the already-existing PlayStation Plus benefits. The second tier includes access to a select library of PS4 and PS5 games. The third tier goes even further, adding longer demos, the ability to stream games, and an extended library of playable games from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP catalogs.

It is worth keeping in mind that despite Bloomberg’s past reporting based on reliable sources, expectations should still be managed. Even if everything that’s been disclosed is completely accurate as far as the sources are aware, that doesn’t mean that things can’t change.