Sony Santa Monica Studio Possibly Building New Team For A Second Project


SIE Santa Monica Studio has just proved it can provide triple-A action-adventure experiences set in the God of War universe, and perhaps in the future will be doing more outside of its iconic franchise.

Whatever the future holds for it, it looks like the studio is preparing and staffing up so it can be ready for new challenges. As seen on ResetEra, indeed, the Sony first-party studio is hiring for many positions.

Sony Santa Monica Building New Team For A Second Project

Erik Jakobsen, the senior staff environment artist at SSM, has shared a post on LinkedIn where you can see a pic and a “lot of open positions” at the development team.

It might be an easy guess to go and say there’s a new God of War game in the making since the original soft reboot ends on a cliffhanger, but there could be more to it.

Many of those open positions are for senior staffers (controls designer, combat designer, technical artist, technical animator) so, unless a lot of people who worked on GoW has left the studio, there’s a chance a secondary team could be in a building process to create another IP or title.

It’s a bit early to state something like that so please don’t turn your expectations up on this, but remember that there’s the possibility that something new comes out of a studio you possibly love as we do. Perhaps something next-gen.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more news on this.