Sony Reports 106 Million PS4 Systems, 5 Million PSVR Units Sold


During tonight’s Sony press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show, the company didn’t have much to reveal about the PlayStation 5, save for a new logo. However, it did have some updated sales statistics when it came to the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan took the stage during the presentation to share the sales numbers, which included not only PlayStation 4 unit numbers, but also the PlayStation VR.

Ryan started by revealing that 106 million PlayStation 4 systems have been sold worldwide. The number puts it over what the original PlayStation system sold, with 104.25 million units sold. However, it’s still a bit behind the PlayStation 2, which cleared 157.68 million units.

On top of that, quite a few games sold alongside the system. Over 1.15 billion titles have gone out the door to date. However, Ryan didn’t make it clear if this included both digital and physical games; and what titles were the best-selling on the platform.

One interesting stat involved the PlayStation VR. Over five million units have been sold since release, making it a viable virtual reality platform. More than likely, we’ll see games continue to come out for it across both the PlayStation 4 and, when it arrives, the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation’s online services are doing well, too. There are over 103 million monthly active users on Sony’s network. And out of that audience, 38.8 million are subscribers to PlayStation Plus, taking advantage of online features and free monthly games.

Check out the slide detailing sales below. As far as where the PS4 will go from here, it’ll continue surging thanks to games like Ghosts of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II. That should give the company a proper lead as it prepares to launch the PS5.

PS4 Sales Chart from CES 2020