PlayStation State of Play – When It Starts, Where To Watch It and What To Expect


Sony’s final State of Play broadcast for the year is set to take place within a matter of hours. The company has promised several new PlayStation 4 announcements within its 20-minute time frame, so it’s something fans shouldn’t miss.

But in case you need details as to when it starts and what can be expected — we’ve got you covered.

What time does the State of Play begin?

You might need to be an early bird to tune in for this episode of State of Play. Sony has it set to air Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 9AM EDT. That’s 6AM PDT, so if you’re on the West Coast, you might want to get that coffee brewing around 15 minutes beforehand. (Or if you’re a fan of Death Stranding, maybe chug a Monster Energy Drink.)

What are the expected announcements in this episode of State of Play?

Some signs indicate we could get the first glimpse of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake during the show. We’ve already seen leaked art for the game, so a reveal shouldn’t be too far off. There’s also the possibility of a release date for Sucker Punch’s latest effort, Ghost of Tsushima. We could also get another glimpse of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II since the last State of Play back in September had a huge trailer, along with a (then) release period of early 2020. (It’s since been bumped down to May.)

There will likely be a few surprises, along with a couple of updates to current games. However, what we won’t see is anything related to PlayStation 5. Sony is saving that news for 2020.

Where can I watch State of Play?

There’s an array of channels in which you can tune in to the broadcast. We’ve embedded the YouTube window below.

Also, there’s PlayStation’s Twitch channel, Twitter feed, and Facebook video feed. Take your pick and tune in. We’ll see you there.