Uncharted Loses Yet Another Director on Its Way to the Big Screen

Uncharted Loses Another Director

Nathan Drake may have no trouble conquering the video game world, but the silver screen is an entirely different story.

According to a report posted by Deadline, Sony’s movie adaptation of the hit PlayStation game series from Naughty Dog has lost yet another director. Travis Knight, who previously helmed the Transformers reboot Bumblebee, will apparently exit the project, mainly due to scheduling conflicts with its star, Tom Holland.

Per the report, the actor, set to portray a younger version of Drake, will soon begin work on the latest Spider-Man film as part of a deal with Marvel Studios. As a result, Uncharted won’t make its previously announced late 2020 release window, and Knight will step away from the project.

This is the latest directorial shift for the troubled big-screen adaptation. Originally announced in 2008 by producer Avi Arad, it’s seen a number of directors depart. At one point, Shawn Levy was on board to direct, but left to work with Ryan Reynolds on the video game film Free Guy, which releases next summer. The project also saw the departure of others, including David Tractenberg, David O. Russell, and Seth Gordon.

Sony noted that Holland is still on board for the project, along with Mark Wahlberg, who will play a younger version of his partner, Sully. It’s looking into bringing on a new director, along with setting up a revised release date. Sony Pictures will still work directly with PlayStation Productions to assure that the film retains the spirit of the games that preceded it.

But now the real question is which director will be willing step up to this seemingly cursed project, and, more importantly for fans, when it will finally release.