Sorcerer version of Cinderella coming to SINoALICE

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.


Starting July 6, SINoALICE players will be able to unlock a Cinderella/Sorcerer job by participating in the Incarnation of Envy event. Like other events in this eccentric mobile game, this will be a limited-time opportunity and is currently the only way to unlock a Cinderella/Sorcerer job.

Incarnation of Envy will be the second major event to hit SINoALICE since the game’s global release on July 1. There are many systems to wrap your head around as you’re first getting acquainted with the latest game from Yoko Taro, creator of Nier: Automata, but the new content has been great so far. The Rookies’ Path feature has given players more guidance on what to do when getting started, and this new event should be even more reason to sink deeper in SINoALICE‘s grim fairy tale world.

Currently, there are no specifics as to what the Incarnation of Envy event will entail, but it seems it will require players to venture further into SINoALICE‘s elaborate story mode to unlock the exclusive Cinderella/Sorcerer job. Unlike other JRPGs, jobs in SINoALICE aren’t just a set of stats and specifications you can specialize in for any character but are instead specific pairings of weapons and characters. Sorcerer/Cinderella will let you have a Cinderella character specialize in Tomes. If that sounds like your dream (or nightmare) come true, make sure to check in to the Incarnation of Envy event and get your rewards while you can.