Soul Hackers 2 officially announced for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, releasing in August

A fan favorite Shin Megami Tensei spin-off returns.

Image via Atlus

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For the 25th anniversary of Soul Hackers, Atlus has announced Soul Hackers 2 after four days of questions from the sentient AI Aion, which asked Twitter viewers questions such as “What is your favorite food?” or “What is your favorite demon?” The announcement stream featured a live-action combat sequence, followed by a brief round-table discussion from the developers and an extra movie.

While everything has been announced in a Japanese stream, Atlus West has also tweeted about the game, including a translated version of the animated movie, setting a date for August 26, one day behind the Japanese release.

The Soul Hackers 2 stream showcased new characters and a pre-order bonus, which contains an art book, the Soul Hackers 2 Soundtrack, and a mini-statue of Aion-kun, a Jack Frost dressed up as one of the lead characters in the game. A set of Persona 5 costumes for the main cast was also revealed, featuring Joker, Panther, Skull, and Crow outfits.

Image via Atlus

Soul Hackers 2 will launch in Japan on August 25th and worldwide on August 26th for PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox. There is no mention of a Switch port, but this marks the first Shin Megami Tensei related entry from Atlus to launch on Xbox since Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.