Space Channel 5 VR: Arakata Dancing Show to get a full release


The rhythm game gods have smiled upon us: a new Space Channel 5 VR title will be demoed at the upcoming Niconico Tokaiga game show in Japan.

It’s called Space Channel 5 VR: Arakata Dancing Show and, like the previous VR demo Space Channel 5: Ukiuki Viewing Show, it takes parts of Space Channel 5 and translates them into VR. This time around, however, it has you participating more in the action.

Arakata Dancing Show is meant to have you dancing with Ulala in the same poses she uses to take out the pesky Morolians. You won’t be throwing confetti or anything like that to bring up viewer ratings this time around, and will instead be part of the action. That’s what us Space Channel 5 diehards have been wanting all along, after all. 

The demo event is being held Feb. 10 in Japan at the Tokiaga game show, and following the demo’s release, the game will be coming to VR storefronts in Japan as a full digital release sometime this year. The game is being developed with the HTC Vive in mind, but there have been no specific platforms announced just yet.

It would make a splash on PlayStation VR given the Space Channel 5 releases on the PlayStation 2, but maybe that’s dreaming a little too much. Either way, space cats, this is exciting news!