Spider-Man Far From Home Director Talks Spider-Man PS4 Influence


Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games was one of the most appreciated titles last year, and one of those which has left an impact on the world of entertainment overall. With the movie Spider-Man Far From Home approaching theaters around the globe, one could be wondering if it was influenced, too.

Director Jon Watts has provided an answer to that question during an interview, where he has explained he is a gamer and has spent quite some time with video games during the work on the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Watts has shared that he started Spider-Man PS4 and left quite a bit later because he thought he would’ve gone crazy if his free time from work on Far From Home would have been more time spent with Spider-Man.

“It didn’t [influence the movie], only because I started playing the game while we were shooting — and I played it just one weekend on my day off,” he told IGN. “I was, I can’t do this. I can’t let my break time from Spider-Man also be Spider-Man. I need to find another game to play.”

This doesn’t mean he didn’t spend some more time with video games after that experience, though. “Then during post-[production] we played Red Dead [Redemption],” added Watts. “There was something very comforting about you’d be editing all day, and then you’d go home and get some stew and pet your horse.”

Sure enough, it’ll be great to check with your own eyes whether you see something of the Insomniac’s Spider-Man game reflecting in the incoming movie. We’ll be here to report if anything like that happens, of course. Recently, the two Spidey based works have been in touch through a couple of suits for the protagonist.