Spider-Man PS4 Review Embargo Ends On September 4, Exact Timing Revealed


Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is scheduled to launch worldwide on September 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4 (YES, it has been officially confirmed multiple times that the game won’t launch on Xbox One or PC or Nintendo Switch). The hype surrounding the game is pretty massive and the developer is pretty confident about the performance of the game as pre-order sales figure are said to be impressive. However, there is a small section of players that would like to wait a bit and then buy out the game. The best option for these players is to wait for the Review Embargo to end and then based on the opinion of the critics take a decision of whether or not to buy the game.

Spider-Man PS4 Review Embargo End Date And Time

So when exactly the Spider-Man PS4 review embargo will end? According to the details just provided by Meta Critic, PlayStation fans won’t have to wait till the launch day for the Spider-Man reviews as it will start to appear on the internet starting from September 4 at 7 AM Pacific. This means Spider-Man PS4 review embargo will end 3 days before the game is released.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4): The review embargo expires on Sept 4 at 7am Pacific, just 3 days before the game is released. Any Metascore predictions for this highly anticipated exclusive?”

So what is your review score predictions for Spider-Man PS4? Let us know your views in the comment section below. Check out our coverage of Spider-Man E3 2017 Gameplay Analysis detailing things that you don’t know about the game.