Spiritfarer Jackie & Daria update add two new spirits, coming December 13

The boat comes to shore once more.

Image via Thunder Lotus Games

A new trailer for the next Spiritfarer update has revealed two new spirits, Jackie and Daria, are coming to the game. A new island, event, and more are also being added according to the description of the trailer. 

The Jackie & Daria update was first revealed at the beginning of the year in Thunder Lotus Games’ 2021 roadmap for Spiritfarer. The update will see Stella randomly receiving some coordinates, which will bring her to an island with a run-down hospital. Here is where she will meet Jackie, the caretaker, and Daria, his main patient. As part of the ongoing tale, Stella will help the overworked Jackie. The trailer didn’t provide details on what the event would entail, but it seems like it involves climbing some kind of mysterious tower on the same island as the hospital. 

This will also mark the final update for Spiritfarer in 2021, and possibly the final update for the game overall. Thunder Lotus Games has steadily been releasing free updates over the course of the year, such as the Lily and Beverly update. When the game launched last year, the studio also received some criticisms over how one of their characters, Gustav, had been written. A number of players found the writing to be ableist and found it to not be in line with the game’s otherwise wholesome tone. Thunder Lotus Games promised to make alterations to Gustav’s storyline to make amends, and launched the update for him in September, though didn’t specify what changes had been made.