Spirittea Excites Cozy Fans With Stardew Valley & Spirited Away Vibes

Cozy is about to hit a whole new level thanks to Spirittea, a cute little title with Stardew Valley and Spirited away influence.

Spirittea Gameplay Steam

Image via No More Robots

Developer Cheesemaster Games announced the release date for the cozy new indie game Spirittea, which they say feels like a cross between Stardew Valley and Spirited Away. Gamers on Reddit are now responding with enthusiastic excitement for the game’s upcoming release.

SpiritTea is an indie game that originally launched a Kickstarter campaign, later getting picked up by publisher No More Roots. The game is set to release on November 13th for PC via Steam or Gamepass, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S via Gamepass. If reactions from new gamers and demo fans alike are any indication, this cozy game is tapping into a much-desired niche.

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Cozy Gamers React to Upcoming Spirittea Release

The announcement and screenshots from Spirittea made their way to r/CozyGamers yesterday, where fans got to express their anticipation for another twist on the cozy genre.

Given the popularity of both Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away and cozy farming sim Stardew Valley, it’s not surprising to see that gamers are excited to see something that promises to combine the two. Spirittea centers on a small town that’s overrun with spirits, and it’s your job to build a bathhouse to help calm them down.

Cozy gamers are curious about this haunted bathhouse spin on the cozy genre, particularly with the cited influences. One Redditor notes “Well that combination is everything I’ve ever wanted in a game.” Many others say they’ve been keeping an eye on this one for years, eagerly waiting for its release date. Switch gamers are also pumped, as it will be released for the handheld console on the same day as its PC release.

There is a PC demo version of the game available now on Steam, and a few early players say they enjoyed the demo and can’t wait to see what the full game will be like when it comes out next month.