Splatoon 2’s new X Rank and Version 3.0 explained


The official Splatoon 2 Tumblr account has revealed details on Splatoon 2’s upcoming 3.0 patch. It also explained how the new X Rank will work when it launches sometime in April.

X Rank is a challenging Ranked Battle experience that will only be available for the top players. In the current ranking system, those who are S+10 rank will be re-registered as X Rank moving forward.

When a player reaches X Rank, they will start battling for X Power instead of Rank Meter. Players with similar X Power will be pitted against each other in ranked mode. The top 500 players will then be displayed on a public leaderboard on the SplatNet 2 application for mobile phones.

X Power will reset after a few months, giving everyone the chance to constantly climb the rankings and prove themselves in Splatoon 2’s ranked features.

Splatoon 2 will also be changing how weapons and stages will be added to the game. Usually, new weapons are added once a week. But, moving forward, Nintendo is looking to add a batch of several weapons once a month.

How Battle Stages are rotated in Ranked Battle modes have also been changed. Starting from version 3.0, Ranked Battle stages will be limited to eight per cycle instead of 20 and will be rotated every month instead of every so often.

The change has been implemented mainly for X Rank, so that the leaderboards represent which player was better for that particular group of stages, rather then which player waiting for their best stage to appear before playing.