New details have been revealed about Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion


Splatoon 2’s upcoming single player DLC, Octo Expansion will add a new single player story, a new playable character, and a host of new clothing options, according to a tweet from the game’s Japanese Twitter account.

In the DLC story mode, players will take control of Octoling no.10008, also known as Agent 8. The character has lost their memory after waking up in an underground laboratory and is looking for a way to escape.

There will be over 80 missions to take on throughout the DLC storyline. Nintendo describes the missions as difficult—supposedly some of the hardest single-player levels ever created in a Splatoon game. Don’t worry if you get stuck, however, as a new request feature will allow you to skip through certain stages if you want to just follow the story.

Once players clear the DLC storyline, they’ll get the ability to switch between an Octoling and Inkling while playing multiplayer matches online. There won’t be any differences in abilities between the two species, however, as both species will also share the same equipment and weapons.

Nintendo also revealed a bunch of new hairstyles and clothing options for the Octolings that will come with the DLC. Previously, players only saw a single hairstyle for the Octoling boy and girl in the main trailer.

The Octo Expansion is set to launch in Summer 2018 for $19.99, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has still not given fans a definitive release date at this time, but expect to hear more about the mode at this year’s E3 in June.

H/T NintendoEverything