Splatoon 2 Updates Will Balance the Paint in 2020

Splatoon 2 Update
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While we won’t likely be seeing any new events in Splatoon 2, the developers are keeping busy with updates for the hit Nintendo Switch paintball shooter.

The official Splatoon Japanese Twitter account posted details about an update, Ver. 5.1.0, which will arrive on Jan. 6, 2020 around 11:00am:

  • Several weapons will see less ink consumption, which should provide more ammunition as a result. These include the Splash shooter and its variations, along with the Hero Shooter and the Octa Shooter.
  • The Nova Blaster and its variants will see less time when it comes to performing actions in game, making them more effective in battle. They will also have use less ink while firing, by 17 percent.
  • The L3 reel gun and its other versions will use more ink with consumption, around 15 percent.
  • The Splat charger, Splatercher Betchu and the Hero Charger Replica will have a slight reduction when it comes to width of paint for bullet drops. Which means those using the weapons will require a bit more accuracy.
  • The Spracope and Suprascope weapons will also see this width reduction.

In addition, some of the special required points for certain weapons will see adjustments. Some have gone up, while others have gone down. However, continuously using them will still help you on your way to earning Weapon Badges within the game. They shouldn’t be too affected as you keep playing, but here are the adjustments to note:

  • Splash Shooter Collaboration/Octa Shooter Replica — 200 (down from 210)
  • Hokusai/Hero Brush Replica- 170 (down from 180)
  • Suprama New Bar Collaboration- 200 (down from 210)
  • L3 Reel Gun- 210 (up from 190)
  • L3 Reel Gun D- 200 (up from 180)
  • Type 14 bamboo cannon, shell- 200 (up from 180)
  • Bucket slosher soda- 210 (up from 200)
  • Camping shelter camo- 210 (up from 200)

The Splatoon team also noted the following:

It was noted with the update that, in order to keep playing online with friends, you must have the same update. So when it becomes available, go ahead and download it when you get the chance.

Finally, the Splatoon team confirmed that a following update will arrive sometime by the end of Apr. 2020.

Splatoon 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch.