Golf Story Sequel Sports Story Brings More Shenanigans Exclusively To Switch


A sequel to the hit indie title Golf Story is hitting Nintendo Switch in mid-2020, but the story is expanding beyond just the typical clubs and tees.

Sports Story is going to be a direct follow up to where your character ended up at the end of Golf Story, with more sports being added into the athletic/RPG hybrid.

Cycling, soccer, volleyball, and even more sports insanity was shown in the reveal trailer, giving fans a glimpse of how the hijinks of the first game is going to be used to turn other sports into insane parodies, like golf was used in the original. And all of it was shown with the same charming art style and mechanics that made fans fall in love with Golf Story back in 2017.

You should probably expect some of the characters from the original to be returning too, including your hotheaded rival Lara and the cranky-yet-kind-hearted Coach. Just be sure you don’t take any of their advice to heart, especially since golf isn’t the only sport on the agenda now.

It should be interesting to see how your down on his luck character has bounced back after becoming a champion, and how he is going to get roped into this new set of challenges.

Sports Story will launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive sometime in mid-2020.