Square Enix Comments On Possibilities Of Final Fantasy X-3


Final Fantasy X has been one of the most relevant JRPG around for an entire generation, and perhaps the one that truly gave the genre the spotlight in the world of gaming. To many, though, it felt like the end of a guaranteed way to craft Final Fantasy games, as it opted for a more linear structure and slightly less mature storytelling.

Anyway, it had a sequel with Final Fantasy X-2 and the fact that Final Fantasy XIII had three chapters instead of ‘simply’ two has led longtime fans to ask whether it was possible to build one more Final Fantasy X story in the future.

Square Enix has never ruled this possibility out and has instead left the door open on it with collaborations involving the brand that has shown how it is interested in nurturing the Final Fantasy X in the future. Our colleagues at Game Informer have asked producer Yoshinori Kitase how many chances a sequel has to happen anytime soon.

“The idea comes up from time to time when a few close people that had worked on the original Final Fantasy X talk with each other,” Kitase said. This is why the people that worked on the game back in the days are still at Square Enix, but also because they have so many fond memories of it.

“However, it is merely standard chitchat, and there have been no movements to realize it because, once the project begins, there is no doubt that it would become a massive project with hundreds of staff working on it (and I have an ongoing project that I need to finish before then!).”

It’s not like they’re going to work on it right after Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you think that the remake is an entirely new game based on the story of the original, you also come to believe that get back to the FFX universe, and craft something different out of it (on top of it, maybe that’d be better) could not be impossible at all.

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