Square Enix is hosting its first E3 Press Conference in over three years on June 11


Square Enix has announced plans to host a streaming video event at this year’s E3 to show off some of its upcoming games.

The press conference will go live on June 11 at 12pm CT and will be streamed on a multitude of live streaming platforms. Square Enix has not revealed any details on which games will be shown off at the event.

The traditional press conference will take place at a theater in Los Angeles and will be available to view in both English and Japanese at the same time.

It is the first time that the company has decided to do a press conference in Los Angeles since 2015, when Nier: Automata was teased and the first real gameplay footage for Kingdom Hearts III was shown off to the world.

A bunch of games that are likely to make an appearance in the press conference include Lara Croft’s latest game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, alongside Kingdom Hearts III and potentially the Final Fantasy VIII Remake.

Dragon Quest XI, which Square recently revealed was coming to the west in September for PC and PS4, could also make an appearance at the event. Fans will surely be eager to hear more about the game alongside its future Switch port, which has been delayed until a later date.