Square Enix’s Outriders Coming Summer 2020 | E3 2019


Square Enix shows off Outriders in their E3 2019 conference.

People Can Fly are a development studio who have worked on first-person games like Gears of Wars: Judgement and Bulletstorm. They are developing a new game for Square Enix called Outriders.

Outriders first got teased on the games’ official social media accounts, with today’s press conference being the first time extensive footage was shown off.

There was no gameplay footage at the presentation, though we do know more about it now. First of all, the game will be a first-person shooter, just like their previous work. The game takes place in a barren world called Enoch. You traverse the world and confront mysterious human-looking beings that attack you, who had weird contraptions on themselves. There’s also a giant monster with long arms and legs that face the playable characters. The world is desolated and destroyed; a lot of the footage shown of the game features the characters alone in empty wastelands.

You can create your character in the game, and it is expected to have a more serious tone when compared to Bulletstorm, a game that is known for its over-the-top tone. Three gamers can play together to travel the world.

The developers from People Can Fly want the game to be ambitious. They want to use all the experience they have gained through their past shooters and create something different with a more engaging, yet dark story. They wanted to have an account that players can enjoy in both single-player mode, and multiplayer.

Outriders are slated to release in the summer of 2020.