Star Wars Battlefront II Devs Feel They Can Go Online Without Fear Now


As many might recall, there were huge issues during the launch for Star Wars Battlefront II. Many of these issues stemmed from the game’s microtransactions and loot boxes controversy. Since then, Electronic Arts and DICE have worked hard to get out of those issues and offered a lot of solutions to have them fixed over the life cycle of the title.

While at Gamescom, Star Wars Battlefront II’s design director Dennis Brännvall spoke with PCGamesN about how tough it was to be at DICE during those days.

“The months after launch were probably the darkest period of my stay at DICE,” Brännvall said. “That was hard, and the community sentiment and player base probably plummeted around that time.”

Things have been “steadily climbing every month since” the release of the Clone Wars update, and now, “it’s going really well, and it’s growing, sustaining.”

“It’s a good time to be part of Battlefront right now, but we find that first impressions are hard to change… there’s always people who would say repeat stories from launch, but there’s always someone there explaining that it’s actually changed it’s actually this thing now,” he added.

Players are now “following us, and they’re responding, so they’re part of the family, so we’re not afraid to go online anymore. At launch it wasn’t pretty to be a Battlefront developer, so that’s good.”

This statement should go undervalued. There was a time where DICE developers were silent about their work (similarly to Hello Games after the release of No Man’s Sky) to prevent from being harassed and insulted all the time while online.

It’s good to see things have changed. It’ll be even better to see that Electronic Arts’ studios have learned the lesson for their future titles.