Star Wars Battlefront II remained massively popular on PlayStation Store despite controversy


Star Wars Battlefront II’s greatest claim to fame thus far has been its copious usage of loot boxes and the controversy generated from them.

Despite the fact that fans were upset over essentially being forced to grind hours and hours for the cooler Star Wars characters in-game and the fervor over loot box pricing and contents, players still chose to spend quite a bit of time with the game. In fact, according to Sony, it was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Store in December for Europe, and the third most popular in the United States. 

It does tend to prove that, despite the bluster and the anti-consumer practices decried by many Star Wars fans and shooter enthusiasts, people still want to get their shooty-shoot on when it comes to the popular franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront II remains insnaely popular, and even more so with Star Wars: The Last Jedi out in theaters. People want to play with their heroes.

Or at the very least, perhaps those who were frustrated initially by the problems presented in-game were placated by the changes EA eventually made to the game and aren’t very concerned with the loot boxes anymore.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the layman gamer who stays off of Reddit and out of the games media in general bought the game blindly without seeing any of this backlash—and that’s where a lot of the popularity has come from. Either way, it’s hard to argue the fact that the Force is definitely with Star Wars Battlefront II, and probably will be for a long time.