Star Wars Battlefront II Support To End Soon, According To A New Rumor

A new and interesting, although disappointing, rumor involving Star Wars Battlefront II has recently shown up on Reddit and, even though we can’t confirm the information included, it looks worth reporting it.

According to a source, Electronic Arts could be planning on abandoning the development on the title quite soon, as it wouldn’t have an established roadmap for future content and would be only working looking at the players’ demands.

EA Ending Star Wars Battlefront II Support Soon

Plans are said to be changing in a rush, but a final version of such plans would see the developers at DICE – Motive and Criterion Games have already left – busy only on cosmetics items and more, smaller modes to be added to the multiplayer.

Worryingly, the source claims that the developers are not allowed to talk directly with the community, something which has already been hinted at in the past, and that the team doesn’t have any experience in dealing with bugs.

On this would depend the fact that some of the major bugs are in place since the early alpha and beta stages, and that statements such as “we’re working on it” should not be believed as the studio doesn’t have the proper tools and knowledge about the topic.

In a few days, the Han Solo season will kick off with new cosmetics, maps and modes, and we’ll learn more about the plans including other seasons in the future. But looking at how things are shaping up, there’s a chance that this could be last major event coming to the title.

Star Wars Battlefront II was released only last year and ended up being quite a disaster, at least in terms of communication, because of a scandal linked to the abuse of microtransactions and loot boxes in the multiplayer component.