Star Wars Battlefront II Devs Reportedly Need Disney’s Approval To Discuss Game Updates

Did you notice we don’t have updates on what’s going on with Star Wars Battlefront II? Not just content updates, also things DICE and the other teams at work on the game say about the development of new stuff for the multiplayer or single-player component…

According to several Twitter accounts dedicated to the franchise, it seems that the developers can’t freely talk the matter, probably after what happened with the microtransactions affair, at least before they get Disney and LucasFilm’s approval.

Star Wars Battlefront II Updates Information

“Other developers can say what they want when they want. Dennis has to wait for approval from Disney & LFL to say he wants. If it wasn’t for them, Dennis and his team could do the Warframe thing if they wanted. A dev live stream every 2 weeks or so,” Cookie Distribution Inc. said.

BattlefrontUpdates replied noting that he thinks the same, as he follows design director Dennis Brannvall’s social activity and notices he talks everything but the game and its development process at this stage.

“The fact that the majority of communication the last month has been Dennis taking his free time (weekends and late nights) to respond to us shows that something is wrong,” he said.

“And just to make this clear, the issue here isn’t that we have to wait for content, we understand that creating season-content or remaking progression systems takes A LOT of time, I’m only referring to the communication part that has been a major issue with this game.”

Star Wars Battlefront II doesn’t feature a proper season pass, nor has particular expansions planned from what we know, so it’s something we can understand the fact that DICE is off the radar to look into what should happen from now on after they had to completely revamp the economics of the title.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more soon.