Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Has Performance, Res Modes On PS4 Pro, Not Fast Travel


Over the last few hours, we’ve been able to check multiple Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order previews. Those have provided some interesting details about how the game from Respawn Entertainment is going to work.

First of all, we do know that it has meditation points that operate precisely like bonfires in Soulsborne games. They allow you to upgrade your character and his skills spending experience points and resurrecting enemies in the area which you had already beaten.

However, they won’t unlock any fast travel options. Respawn wants people to “master” maps and discover faster routes people can go through on their own.

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EA told IGN on the matter that “while we don’t have fast travel in the game, we do want players to explore and traverse (and re-traverse) the different planets, which players can do from the Mantis. We also wanted each planet’s explorable areas to feel interconnected through discoverable shortcuts back to key areas.”

On top of that, we also learned the game features both performance and resolution modes on PS4 Pro (and we believe Xbox One X will do the same). The first will unlock the frame rate while lowering the resolution. The second pushes the resolution bar as high as possible, aiming to 4K.

Looking at how the title has been shaping up, it’s a sci-fi souls-like. We think we’ll at least give the performance mode a look so we can have faster reaction times and less latency. It should help in parrying an enemy’s attacks. Which one are you going to choose, instead?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is releasing on Nov. 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.