Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Is Officially Canon | E3 2019


The story you experience in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is going to be part of the overall Star Wars canon. Respawn revealed this interesting fact during today’s EA Play event. During the gameplay reveal, we witness protagonist Cal use all kinds of Jedi powers, and hack enemies apart with his Lightsaber. Those who were worried the impact of a Lightsaber would be played down appear to have nothing to fear.

The game’s story seems to have had it’s own impact, as Disney and Respawn are making it part of the overall Star Wars canon. Plenty of familiar faces will be returning, including Galen Urso from Rogue One, and the droid K-2SO (maybe, that is a little more ambiguous).

I think this says a lot about the standard of writing in the game, and exactly how deep it will run into the Star Wars universe. This is no throw away story, but is another chapter in the sage that we all know and love. I think this adds a whole extra dimension to the game, and really does make me more interested to play. Could we also end up seeing Cal in a Star Wars movie at some point? Only time will tell.

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