Jedi: Survivor Designer Aimed To Annoy Players with Scavenger Droids

The designer working on the Scavenger Droids in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor greatly enjoyed the pain it took to take them out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Scavenger Droids in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are some of the more frustrating encounters players will find while playing the game. These greedy little red droids hold precious treasures players need to complete their collections, and if a player gets too close to them, they run away and attempt to hide underground.

The game designer at Respawn Entertainment that worked on these Scavenger Droids briefly shared his joy in orchestrating them. He intended to make it as frustrating as possible for players to catch in Jedi: Survivor, wanting to specifically design them to “piss off” players, though it’s all in good fun.

Scavenger Droid Encounters Meant to be Difficult for Players

Mitchell Wolfe, the game designer at Respawn for Jedi: Survivor, shared his thoughts on Twitter. Wolfe tweeted, “One of my most personal impacts on the game: I designed or at least managed every Scavenger Droid encounter in the game. I designed them specifically to piss off the player. Some appearances of the Scavenger Droids might not piss off players, and I take that personally.”

Wolfe shared this when retweeting another account to show some love for these shy little droids. It’s fun to see Wolfe poking at the Jedi: Survivor fanbase during these encounters, especially because they hide the coveted treasures players need to complete their collections in multiple areas of the game.

The tweet by Wolfe was also made several hours after Jedi: Survivor’s senior writer, Pete Stewart, shared his hatred for the droids. Stewart tweeted in response to the same Red Droid post, “No. The treasure droid is a metal rat bastard. Do not trust the titanium sh**. They all thieve and they all lie. They are devious weasel robots.”

There’s a lot of passion and fun in these two tweets, all surrounding these mischievous little droids who want to do nothing more than protect their treasures from players who desperately want to reach 100% completion in Jedi: Survivor.

We’ve run into multiple encounters where these droids have gotten away from us, and we can see why Stewart viciously hates them. Every time they dig underground and get away, we know Wolfe is somewhere, laughing at our pain as another Scavenger Droid gets away.