Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Won’t Punish Players With Sequel Nerfs

The features and updates coming to Jedi: Survivor go above and beyond the expectations of a standard sequel.

Image via EA YouTube

The release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is nearly upon us, the highly-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment. The game was a long time coming for many Star Wars fans because EA finally took their foot off the multiplayer pedal and switched to the single-player genre.

With less than a month away, multiple previewers have returned from a Jedi: Survivor event with much to say about the game and the next adventure for the main character, Cal Kestis. The developers at Respawn had been hinting that it would be much larger than the first one, but previewers have officially confirmed it goes beyond the expectations of a typical sequel.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has shops, side quests, and recruitable NPCs

The event was held last week, and previewers spent several hours with the game, where they had the chance to explore the massive hub planet, Koboh. The planet was made for the game and serves as the starting location, but it will also be the haven for players to return to whenever they receive additional supplies or gear.

Players can expect to spend time in the Koboh shops, purchasing customization equipment and cosmetics that were not in the first game, such as changing Cal’s hair, lightsaber hilt and color options, and even different droid parts for everyone’s favorite companion, BD-1. There are even NPCs to recruit to aid Cal during his journey.

These additions exceed what many would expect from a traditional sequel. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has NPCs hidden throughout the world for players to discover; the heavily hyped combat stances are distinctly unique from one another, flying mounts, expansive exploration, and challenging optional content for players to find.

What’s even more exciting for players is that Cal’s first game experience is not being wiped away. Instead, he’ll bring many of the skills and talents he picked up from Jedi: Fallen Order and use them in Jedi: Survivor, alongside the many other expansive tricks and tools he’ll pick up as he explores a brand-new galaxy. For players who are invested in Cal’s story, it’s a terrific way to show he’s continuing to grow.

We’re a few short weeks away from playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on April 28, with much to look forward to before the game officially arrives.