A new Star Wars game, allegedly called Project Maverick, leaks online

We might be going back to a galaxy far, far away sooner than we thought.

What appears to be a new, previously unannounced Star Wars game, Project Maverick, was leaked online today through the European PlayStation Store.

The discovery was made by the @psnrelease Twitter account, a data mining bot that pulls information for new game listings on the PlayStation Store and sends the information out in a tweet. This same account previously confirmed the release of the Final Fantasy VII demo and the Resident Evil 3 remake ahead of their official announcements.

While the listing is currently hidden, the bot was able to provide information including the name and preliminary artwork, which were scraped from the back end of the PSN.


The image reveals what appears to be the game’s title, the wordmark reminiscent of the one used for the Solo spin-off film, overlaid on a red and black scene featuring a Star Destroyer and a squadron of X-Wings.

The appearance of these iconic Star Wars vehicles seems to imply the game is set sometime around the original trilogy, although nothing has been announced in regard to the story or timeline.

Speculation has run wild since the announcement, although games journalist Jason Schreier of Kotaku has alleged that this is a “smaller Star Wars project” from EA Vancouver that he previously reported on, which was created in order to replace their canceled open-world Star Wars game, Orca.

According to that report, that game was planned to release in fall 2020 alongside the next generation of consoles.

While there’s no official word, the appearance of the data-mined tweet could imply that an official announcement is coming in the near future. The Resident Evil 3 remake was revealed a week after this same Twitter bot leaked its existence.