Stardew Valley 1.4 Update Arrives On PC On Nov. 26


In a blog post to the official Stardew Valley website, the game’s creator Eric Barone has revealed that the game’s next update will arrive at the end of this month for PC. Update 1.4 will come to PC on Nov. 26, with the console and mobile versions receiving the update a few weeks later.

According to Barone, nearly every aspect has been “expanded or improved upon in some way” with Update 1.4. He gave the example of Wild Bait, an item that had lost any real value throughout the game’s development. Wild Bait will now grant a chance to catch double fish. Further end-game content will also arrive, such as the addition of a 14-heart event after marriage for every spouse. These are small examples because Barone said he did not want to spoil too many of the new additions and changes.

A new feature I am looking forward to is the screenshot button for PC on the Options menu to take a picture of a large area of the game.

Barone hopes to release the update for consoles and mobile simultaneously a few weeks after the PC release. Testing for the update is currently underway for PC, and he will be able to provide a more precise date for the console and mobile release when testing is properly underway for those platforms.

Console players can expect to see optimization improvements that will enhance the performance of the game on their system.