Stardew Valley’s comprehensive multiplayer update is officially available now


Stardew Valley’s hotly-anticipated multiplayer update is now available to all PC players, meaning you can now recruit friends to help you build up your farm to its greatest potential. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to share your creations! Farming’s a community effort anyway, isn’t it?

The full release follows the PC version’s beta, which released at the end of April earlier this year, which acted as a preview of the full set of features to come. Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone, better known as “ConcernedApe,” has shared an official announcement about everything the complete multiplayer update contains, and now that August is finally here for everyone to experience it all, there’s a lot to wade through. 

For one, the game now supports 4-player co-op, which Barone describes as “nearly identical” to single-player with 1-3 other friends playing alongside you to “achieve a common goal.” You can take any single-player game and turn it into a co-op game by having the character Robin simply build out additional cabins on the farm. This will have one player serving as the host, with the other players connected to their game. 

You can select from various options when building new multiplayer worlds to control how they’ll play out, like choosing how many cabins you want to start with, changing the Profit Margin feature to adjust difficulty, how much shared gold there is, and a swath of other features. The multiplayer feature is a true display of co-op, as everyone must work together and complete the same storyline quests while retaining their own skills, relationships, inventories, and more. To close out each day, everyone will even have to go to bed at the same time to get the next one going. 

The multiplayer update is a fantastic addition to an already excellent farming game, so if you’re thinking about playing with buddies, now’s the best time to jump in and do so. The update is reportedly coming to consoles in the near future as well.