Starfield Reportedly Facing Development Issues


A new report coming from 4chan hints at serious development issues being faced at Bethesda Game Studios on Starfield.

The game was announced at E3 2018 and, based on this piece of information, it doesn’t look it has done that much progress.

While it’s a rumor and the source itself isn’t particularly reliable, here’s a summary coming from ResetEra that looks detailed enough to turn true as nonetheless many early Starfield leaks eventually did.

  • Panic around Fallout 76 causing other projects to unravel
  • Starfield is stuck in a development loop
  • Entire studios trying to fix the game, but the whole thing has been started over multiple times
  • Engine is a huge problem, space combat doesn’t work
  • The story has been rewritten twice
  • No oversight or direction, not clear who’s in charge

Sure enough the troubled release of Fallout 76 complicated BGS plans for the future a bit, and the delay of The Elder Scrolls Blades was likely one of the consequences.

Blades has indeed been delayed because it is “not at all fun” and needed a serious rework, together with the fact that the company is reportedly looing into cross platform play and further polish due to the many bugs encountered thus far.

Of course, we don’t know how much of this is true if any, so read the information above as an interesting read about how things could be shaping up at Bethesda and not a lot more.

Starfield Reportedly Facing Development Issues