Starfield Will Make Space Travels Feel “Dangerous”


Starfield might not have been at E3 2019, but it was – of course! – discussed at a certain point in the discussion between SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard in a panel at E3 Coliseum moderated by The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley.

In particular, Howard revealed that he wanted the game to provide a feel of space travels being “dangerous” as in the game will be using technology not so advanced and just built from the ground up for those long travels.

“What I can say is, how we approach it so it feels… it’s a game, but it still has authenticity to ‘okay, this could happen,.’ Like, what kind of fuel do the ships use? We’re using Helium-3, which we can debate whether that’s a good power source for spaceships. Or how does the physics work in space, and gravity, and those kinds of things,” he said.

He did mention that he doesn’t want those travels to be too difficult to handle, nor punishing as an actual space travel would be, like any small mistakes causing massive fires and deaths for entire crews of people.

“And that’s where you get into- we have to gamify it some so that it’s not as punishing as actual space travel. But it still feels like traveling in space in our game is still like flight in the forties, it’s dangerous. It’s still dangerous to go and explore, even though lots of people do it,” he added.

Starfield, same as The Elder Scrolls VI, doesn’t have a release date and hasn’t been shown at E3 2019, where Bethesda focused on already existing games expanding or releasing soon like DOOM Eternal, and two brand new IP from Arkane Studios (Deathloop) and Tango Gameworks (Deathwire Tokyo).