All new PS4 titles must also run on the PS5, Sony declares

Sony is prepping for the shift to the next generation.


Image via Sony

As Sony gears to unveil more details about the PlayStation 5, the company also turned its attention to developers. According to Eurogamer, Sony informed developers through its internal Partner website that they must consider the upcoming console in their projects. Sony has previously stated that the next-generation console would feature backward compatibility, which makes this step a logical one.

The documentation states that beginning July 13, all submitted PS4 titles must also run on the PS5. Sony’s documentation further defines the requirements: the games must offer the same functionality. Everything available in the PS4 version of the game is required to be in the PS5 version. This only applies to titles submitted on July 13 or later. Titles submitted earlier are not required to run on the new console, but are encouraged. 

As Eurogamer notes, submitting a title isn’t the same as publishing a title. Games are submitted for consideration and approval long before they are fully developed and published. The developer kit released at the end of April allowed developers to test their game for PS5 compatibility. Going forward, developers are required to check the box stating their title is compatible with the next-generation console. Sony also stated that it would reach out individually to developers to help them test compatibility.

Sony promised backward compatibility for the PS5, a function not seen since the PS2. How exactly this will work is vague, but games are anticipated to run at improved frame rates on the new console. By checking compatibility with games currently in development, Sony is upholding this promise.