State of Decay Gameplay: 24 Minutes of Footage


Not many games can capture the essence of being in a zombie-infested world like State of Decay 2.

Each survivor has their own personality, traits, experiences, and needs that have to be catered to. You can take control of everyone in your community to explore the world, leveling them up individually. If one of your survivors die, however, they’re gone for good, forcing players to keep their wits about them.

We spent hours walking around the ruined world in the recent game, trying our best not to be mowed down by hoards of zombies that await around the next corner. Finding precious resources like food, medical supplies, and ammo proved vital to keeping our group of stragglers from butting heads and falling out over the last slice of stale pizza.

Many NPC communities exist around the world to help out in exchange for resources. Not every group is on your side, however, and can turn on you in an instant—we found this out when going after a local infestation.

You never feel safe in the world, even when you’re at a safehouse and outpost. The chance of a zombie jumping a wall is a constant reminder of the threat of the world trying to kill you.

State of Decay 2 launches on May 22 exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.