Indulge in 25 minutes of State of Decay 2 4K Xbox One X footage


State of Decay 2 is the next upcoming Xbox One exclusive that you can sink your teeth into very soon. But if you’ve got a taste for flesh that can’t be satisfied, you can watch this hefty 25-minute video teeming with 4K footage taken on an Xbox One X, via VG247. You’ll get to see it all, from zombie-slaying to escaping your safe house and taking on the world. 

The open-world survival game allows up to four players to take on hordes of hungry zombies in an unforgiving world. It’s not just about you — you’ll need to manage your own community of other apocalypse survivors with this unique approach to the zombie game genre. Oddly enough, it’s less scary to think that you could be one of the undead’s latest snacks than it is to think you could potentially be responsible for watching an entire group of people starving to death or meeting some other awful end. 

If you’re interested in trying out State of Decay 2 when it launches, it’s out on May 22 on Xbox One and via Windows. You don’t even have to pay a dime for it, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. You’ll be able to download it and play for free the same day it launches if you use that service, though you won’t be able to keep it if you cancel your subscription. The same goes for all future Xbox One exclusives, so if you’re someone who’s always keen on checking out the latest Xbox One titles, this might be a service worth testing out.