State of Decay 2 Will Have Paid DLC, No Micro transactions

State of Decay 2 will be coming this year, it is a survival game where you will be fighting with zombies to stay alive. The game also has a co-op mode where a group of three players can play together and rely on each other’s survival. Now there was no misconception due to the pay-to-win model used last year in some of the big titles. This has led to an outrage among the gaming community and many upcoming games are considered will have a Micro-Transaction in it. Yet its not confirmed by the developers.

State of Decay Mtx

State of Decay 2 was pointed towards having Micro-Transactions on Reddit, but the accusation was denied by the game community leader who replied: “I’ve stated multiple times that we aren’t going to have MTX, but we will have paid DLC.”

This confirms the game is not going to fit the money model instead State of Decay 2 will try to go with the traditional paid DLC model. However, it has also happened last year when the official statement came out from one of the company officials of denying any micro-transactions and later it was implemented. This was not revealed to gamers during its sales.

Having a pay-to-win model, in fact, is the killing reason for games popularity, many leading IP’s have faced criticism and the makers were forced to withdraw it later. But they never confirmed that it will be not introduced in the game back. For State of Decay 2, we will wait and watch for its initial release.

We expect the development team to reveal the release date of State of Decay 2 soon – the game has recently received M for Mature rating from ESRB. The game is going to have a total of 3 Maps at launch and each of these maps is going to be as big as the original game in the series.

Source: Edite