Steam Unveils Best of 2018 Sales Charts

As 2018 draws to a close, Valve is reflecting on the year that was and has released the sales charts for the past year. The 2018 charts will show many games we’ve covered over the past 12 months, and should also serve as an excellent guide if you’re looking to pick up a gem or two before the end of the holidays.

Best of 2018 Sales Charts - Steam

Valve doesn’t release specific profit or sales data for any of the titles sold on Steam, but has instead grouped the games into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. These are broken out as follows:

  • Platinum: 1st – 12th Top Seller
  • Gold: 13th – 24th Top Seller
  • Silver: 25th – 40th Top Seller
  • Bronze: 41st – 100th Top Seller

The Steam Charts for 2018 are broken out into five categories. We’ll list a few notable games from each category and you may check out the full list for each category by following the included link.

Top Sellers on Steam in 2018

The top selling games of the year based on revenue include Civilization VI, PUBG, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey in the Platinum tier. Also included are Warframe and DOTA 2, both of which are free-to-play titles but have generated significant revenue via in-game transactions. Full list of Top Sellers.

Top New Releases on Steam in 2018

The top new releases of 2018 features 150 titles, with February being the busiest month of the year for new games being released on Steam. The full list of new releases provides a nice recap of the year that was.

Top Selling VR Games on Steam in 2018

This year saw over 1,000 new releases with Virtual Reality support, with almost all of those (over 900) being VR-only experiences. Top VR sellers included new releases such as Beat Saber, Blade & Sorcery, Budget Cuts, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, plus some of last-year’s top hits including Fallout 4 VR and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Full list of top selling VR Games.

Top Early Access Grads and Most Played Games in 2018

Steam has revolutionized the early access phenomenon over the past few years and the results are telling when looking at the titles that have graduated to full releases. Led by juggernauts such as DayZ, early access titles have been finalized in droves this year.

The Most Played games of 2018 include newcomers such as Monster Hunter: World as well as long-time favorites such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Warframe. For the full list of what was most popular in 2018, click here.