Steam Decks are now available to order without a reservation

The Steam Deck is finally available to order without a reservation.

Image via Valve

The Steam Deck, PC’s answer to the Nintendo Switch, has always been an elusive console. Fans would have to reserve a Steam Deck and wait months for the console to even ship, making ordering one a frustrating process. However, it seems like Valve is finally ready to push out the Steam Deck completely, as the handheld device is now available to order without a reservation.

No longer will you have to reserve a system and wait months for it to ship out to you. Once you order the Steam Deck, the device will be ready to ship to you. This news broke through the official Steam Deck Twitter account, with a video showing Steam Decks in production and rolling off the factory line. In other words, if you were reluctant to grab a console due to the wait, now is your time.

With the news of a more widespread Steam Deck release, developers have also shipped out a software update featuring a bunch of quality-of-life updates, such as a more responsive keyboard and more control when docked to an external monitor. The machine is also going global, available to order in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Another piece of the Steam Deck puzzle, the Docking Station, is also available to purchase today. The Docking Station will allow you to connect your Steam Deck to a television or computer, or simply act as an advanced charging station. It’s admittedly a bit expensive, clocking in at $89, but should give your machine some new functionality.

Valve has noted that ordering a Steam Deck without a reservation will last until supplies last. While Valve is attempting to keep Steam Decks in stock, they stated “there’s always a chance demand will exceed our expectations.” This means certain regions may return to a reservation system, so be sure to pick up a Steam Deck now if you’re on the fence.