The Steam Summer Sale date has apparently leaked


The biggest date in the Steam calendar, the Steam Summer Sale, could be just over a month away.

According to Steam Database, the Steam Summer Sale is set to start on June 21, a few weeks after E3 comes to a close. Last year’s sale started on June 22, so the date seems pretty reasonable at this time.

Steam Database tracks changes to games and programs in the database behind the Steam client, meaning they can sometimes see information before it’s public.

This should be taken with a pinch of salt, however. Valve has currently not announced when this year’s Steam Summer Sale will commence or even officially if the Summer Sale will happen this year at all.

The Steam Summer Sale is traditionally the largest of the year. An incredibly array of games are discounted, giving players the chance to pick up some of the best games of the year for an insanely cheap price.

Some of the biggest titles out this year and that could be included in the sale are Dragon Ball FighterZ, a brand new anime-fighting game by Bandai Namco, and all of its DLC as well as popular titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Far Cry 5, and Football Manager 2018.

Valve also has a habit of discounting its own games and accessories during this time, including the Steam Link and Steam Controller.

If there is a game you have been wanting to buy, it might be best to save your money for a few more months for the chance at getting it cheaper than the retail price.