Steam’s Summer Sale Grand Prix Is Knocking Indies Off Wishlists


The Steam Summer Sale started this week, and while it is on, there is a mini-game active that has people compete to finish various challenges to earn points for their team. The winners each day will receive “the most wished for the game” on people’s wishlists, and it will be given to random members of the winning team.

This has led to people trying to doctor their wishlists, leaving only high priced items on them. Now, this doesn’t appear to be how the prize works at all, instead of coming from overall lists of “most wished for games” that were, I assume, finalized before the event began. The result has been that some indie devs are seeing a massive drop in how many wishlists contain their game.

It seems to be that quite a few indie developers have been affected by this. It’s a shame because getting your game onto wishlists is important to indie developers, and is actively promoted by Valve as a function that helps boost sales. It would seem that this is an unintended consequence of some poorly worded instructions about how the prize picking for the Steam Grand Prix would work.

Now would be a pretty good time for Valve to release some clarifying information about how the prize picking it done. It would be a shame to see people’s hard work promoting their games and getting people invested in them being undone by a poorly worded social game designed to promote the sale itself.