Hordes of Eager Gamers Crash Steam Storefront at Winter Sale Launch


Steam’s Winter Sale is so big, it crashed the website and app’s storefront at launch.

Steam’s seasonal sales are huge for gamers all over the world. Mega markdowns encourage eager gamers to purchase the best of the best. AAA titles and indie games alike drop to a fraction of their average cost. The Steam Winter Sale launched moments ago, bringing the website to a grinding halt.

Every year, Steam features several seasonal sales, but the biggest are the summer and winter events. Winter is especially significant due to the holiday timing. It’s an anticipated event that, if it would load, would be a delight.

Steam's huge banner overlapping the rest of the website

Steam’s Winter 2019 sale was off to a poor start today. Gamers were met with a black screen or intermittent crashing on both the website and through the desktop application. When it does load, it’s a painful slog to reach any part of the store. Images don’t load, and the Winter Sale 2019 banner obscures over half the content. That brief moment of euphoria and hope is killed by clicking on anything in the storefront. The site comes crumbling down under the weight of thousands of eager gamers.

For those desperate to see the games, give it some time. Steam will be back on its feet soon enough.

Steam’s Winter Sale is longer than the brief Autumn one seen earlier in November. It spans the entire holiday season, so perhaps it’s better to wait until distant relatives gift you a couple Steam gift cards before you add your entire wish list to your cart.

Steam’s Winter Sale runs from Dec. 19 through Jan. 2.