Steam’s World Environment Day Sale Features Abzu, Subnautica, Raft, and More


With summer being a great time of year to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, it’s important to remember how fragile Earth’s environment is and how much humans need to respect it further. Steam wants to help encourage raising awareness about keeping Earth’s climate safe by holding a World Environment Day sale.

There are dozens of great games featured in is a sale. However, Steam highlighted six of them above all of the others, and we have them listed here.

  • Abzu: $9.99
  • Raft: $13.99
  • Subnautica: $17.49
  • Equilinox: $7.49
  • Everything: $3.74
  • Niche: $9.89

A portion of all of the profits that happen through the sales goes to conservation organizations whose goal is to ensure the protection of the Earth. There are groups like Greenpeace, World Land Trust, and The Nature Conservatory, to name a few.

While this is what Steam is doing to help make the sale slightly more alluring to those interested in preserving the environment, the developers behind the games have gone a step beyond these.

The developer behind Playne, one of the smaller games still in early access got listed in the sale, shared a post about the game being in the sale. They promised that whenever a copy of their game gets sold between June 4 to the 6, they’re going to purchase a living, breathing tree and have it planted.

Make sure to check out all of the games listed on the Steam sale, here. The deal is set to end this Friday on June 7, at 4 PM EST.