New StreamElements program helps streamers sell their own merchandise

Time to get your favorite streamer’s face on a T-shirt.

Stream Elements

Being a streamer can be a tough business. Keeping up a steady audience or community is one thing, but then there’s finding a way to make a potential full-time profit from it. Now, StreamElements has introduced something to lend a hand.

The company has introduced a program called SE.Merch that makes it a cinch to set up a storefront with a number of items featuring a streamer’s brand name, regardless of which service they use to stream.

This should make it a bit easier when it comes to allowing fans to purchase things like shirts, hats, PC accessories, or other items. Furthermore, there’s no subscription fee attached to the service, and it comes with some essential tools to put everything together. StreamElements also backs this program with a “100 percent satisfaction” guarantee, with better kick-back in profits than its competitors offer.

Screengrab via StreamElements

Doron Nir, CEO for StreamElements, provided some details on SE.Merch. “The pain points we were trying to solve for with SE.Merch was to make creating and selling merch quick and easy, while ensuring it was as lucrative as possible for the content creator community,” he said. “We also made it completely free to use to avoid the negative impact that comes with upselling streamers with gated features.”

At the moment, SE.Merch is in an open beta phase for Twitch creators, though options will open up a bit later for Facebook, YouTube, and Mixer streamers.